Everflashing premium deck ledger flashing in Extreme How-To

extreme_how-toIn an effort to give sales support to our 1 and 2 step distributors Everflashing is continuing our advertising campaign in 2013. If you are interested in being a 1 or 2 step distributor call Quality Aluminum Products Inc. @ 1-800-550-1667

Everflashing the premium deck, and deck ledger flashing for the true deck building professional.


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Find Everflashing in this months LBM Journal

Everflashing, The complete deck flashing system

The premium deck, and deck ledger flashing for the true deck building professional

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Poorly flashed deck ledger board

The reason Everflashing was invented was to minimize water intrusion and avoid water problems like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now a simple deck job becomes a major project. Do it right the first time and use Everflashing

poorly installed deck ledger flashing

Should have used Everflashing

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Bad ledger flashing

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EverFlashing Makes Deck-to-Wall Transitions More Durable and Attractive

There are a few companies out there making premium flashing. One ledger flashing I’ve used the last 2 years is EverFlashing (www.ledgerflashing.com ). It has a unique profile, comes in two cap sizes and is available in heavy-gauge stainless steel, G185 galvanized steel and colored aluminum.
Extra Fin
Standard ‘Z’ flashings have a wall leg, a cap leg and a drop leg. EverFlashing adds an integral 1 in. fin that projects a strong inch up the wall leg. The fin serves a couple functions. First, it conceals the edge of decking where meets the building. If you lay decking starting at the outside of the deck with a full-width board like I do, then the board against the house usually needs to be ripped. The fin gives a clean look to the last deck board without going to the effort to ease the board edge. And it accommodates unevenness in any board-to-house gap. The fin also helps deflect wind-driven water. When wind-driven rain hits a house wall, the wind can drive the water vertically under flashing and siding laps. The fin helps reduce the amount of water driven upward.
Counter Flash Wall Leg
The wall leg of EverFlashing is almost 4 in. tall; short by my standards. But the company’s installation details call for a counterflashing which extends to wall leg. I use a 4 in. to 6 in. wide strip of self-adhering flashing tape as counterflashing. The bond between the flashing tape and the flashing seals against water entry.
EverFlashing’s drip leg is an ample ½ in. There are two cap leg sizes – 1 ½ in. for ledgers installed tight to the wall and 2 1/8 in. for ledgers spaced off the wall by a stack of washers or the Deck-to-Wall spacer.
The flashing comes in 10 ft. lengths. Locally the G185 1 ½ in. x 10 ft. flashing sells for just under $17. The aluminum flashing is about $18 per length and stainless steel is about $35. As a comparison, the generic light-gauge painted electrogalvanized flashing 1 ½ in. x 8 ft. flashing stocked locally is about half the price of the EverFlashing G185.



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Come join Everflashing at the JLC Live in booth 1421

Come to the JLC. Live show in Rhode island and visit us in booth 1421. Mike Guerten will be giving live presentations and using Everflashing on stage in his deck workshop seminars.

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Deckodes ledger flashing, and flashing I.R.C. codes

Everflashing's Stainless Steel Ledger Flashing

Stainless Steel Ledger Flashing With Simpson Strong Tie

primary reason for proper deck ledger flashing. EVERFLASHING was designed and
patented to help minimize water issues where the deck ledger board is attached.

The IRC (International Residential Code) for more than 12 years has stated that
approved corrosion-resistive flashing must be used. The only 3 corrosive-resistive
metals that are approved are G-185 (Z-MAX), stainless steel and copper. In
coastal and acid rain areas in the United States, stainless steel and copper are
your only 2 options.

I have set up 2 websites for proper deck ledger flashing installation:



The following is from the IRC’s code book for deck flashing:

R703.8 Flashing. Approved corrosion-resistant flashing shall be applied
shingle-fashion in a manner to prevent entry of water into the wall cavity or
penetration of water to the building structural framing components. Self-adhered
membranes used as flashing shall comply with AAMA 711. The flashing shall
extend to the surface of the exterior wall finish. Approved corrosion-resistant
flashings shall be installed at all of the following locations:

1. Exterior window and door openings. Flashing at exterior window and door
water-resistive barrier for subsequent drainage.

2. At the intersection of chimneys or other masonry construction with frame
or stucco walls, with projecting lips on both sides under stucco copings.

3. Under and at the ends of masonry, wood or metal copings and sills.

4. Continuously above all projecting wood trim.

5. Where exterior porches, decks or stairs attach to a wall or floor assembly of wood-frame construction.

6. At wall and roof intersections.

7. At built-in gutters.

NOTE: The new 2012 code also requires pan flashing on all sills.

deck flashing by everflashing

deck flashing

Everflashing is 100% American made.

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Everflashing’s deck ledger flashing

Deck Ledger Flashing

Proper Deck Ledger Flashing Detail

What sets Everflashing apart from other deck-ledger flashing’s is the extra fin that covers the tops of the floorboards. This feature provides added protection against water- borne debris and allows the floorboards — especially those made of composites —to expand and contract without unsightly gaps. Everflashing comes in a 1 1/2-inch standard profile as well as a 2 1/8-inch profile intended for use with Deck To Wall spacers. It is sold in stainless steel, galvanized G-185, Galvalume, and Powdercoated aluminum.Because of Everflashing’s unique shape and construction, decking boards are sandwiched in between a tongue and groove slot integrated into our deck flashing product.

Not only does this unique design protect the ledger board and home from water infiltration but also helps to hold the deck boards in place and allows for expansion and contraction. Described as the “last deck flashing you will ever need,” Everflashing was developed to greatly reduce the possibility of water intrusion which can lead tofurther issues such as dry rot, connector corrosion, mold and ultimately deckledger failure. Everflashing has been ranked #34 in Building Products magazines”Top 100″ innovative products for 2010.

When used as part of a complete deck flashing system, Everflashing’s perimeterflashing is designed to allow decking products to expand and contract, while maintaining a clean, finished looking perimeter edge.Available in G185 galvanized for use with treated lumber, color matched aluminum for Micro Pro or L3 Lumber or stainless steel for salt water applications.

Everflashing perimeter deck flashing allows for the expansion and contraction of composite decking and helps minimize water intrusion between the skirt boards and substructure.

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Everflashing flash folder, how to install deck ledger flashing

ledger flashing installation

Installing ledger flashing correctly


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Everflashing, Deck Ledger And Perimeter Flashing For The True Deck And Home Building Professional.


Deck construction is continually evolving and materials and methods are continually changing. Current residential and commercial applications often involve using composite materials for the decking surface, skirt boards, railings, and other areas of a deck. These composite materials are used in exposed areas for their aesthetic appeal but also because of their alleged maintenance free characteristics. However, composite materials are subject to expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature, which can cause multiple issues with the maintenance of the decking and the framing it is attached to.


Deck construction methods naturally create multiple seams across the surface of the deck as well as gaps to allow for drainage. Debris can become trapped in between the composite materials in these seams and gaps. As the composite materials expand and contract, the debris can be compressed against adjacent surfaces causing unintended shifting and movement. In a particular instance, where a skirt board at the edge of a deck extends up along the edge of the deck surface, the lateral expansion of the decking can simply push the skirt board away from the deck. This unintended shifting and movement can cause members of the deck to become unseated or even loose leading to squeaking and further intrusion of debris and worse yet, moisture.


In many cases, decks are supported off of a ledger board attached to the exterior face of a building. In recent years, increasing numbers of deck failures have occurred due to moisture intrusion in and around these ledger boards. Moreover, moisture intrusion generally has become an increasing concern in building construction.


There is a need in the art for a device or system capable of both accommodating the expansion and contraction issues of composite decking materials as well as preventing the intrusion of debris and moisture. Additionally, there is a need for this device or system to remain consistent with the aesthetic appeal of the deck to which it is applied. We believe Everflashing’s complete deck flashing system is that device. We are proud to announce that our ledger flashing is now Patented.

Deck Flashing

Everflashing, Perimeter FlashingPerimeter Flashing

Everflashing's Stainless Steel Ledger Flashing
Stainless Steel Ledger Flashing With Simpson Strong Tie
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