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Everflashing a complete deck flashing system

Described as the “last deck flashing you will ever need,” Everflashing was developed to greatly reduce the possibility of water intrusion which can lead to further issues such as dry rot, connector corrosion, mold and ultimately deck ledger failure.

When used as part of a complete deck flashing system, Everflashing’s perimeter
flashing is designed to allow decking products to expand and contract, while maintaining a clean, finished looking perimeter edge.

Everflashing helps avoid deck ledger failure and greatly reduces moisture problems. The product is engineered so that, once installed you will never have to intrude the wall envelope again, even to resurface.

We have Deck flashing available in G185 galvanized for use with treated lumber, color matched aluminum for MicroPro or L3 Lumber or stainless steel for salt water applications

Everflashing's Perimeter Deck Flashing

When using composite decking, most of them expand and contract in varying amounts.
When you install your decking with our Complete Deck Flashing System (perimeter flashing)  it allows for the decking's movement and maintains a clean finished perimeter edge.

The perimeter flashing also greatly minimizes water
intrusion between the skirt board and the green treated substructure. See more about our perimeter flashing on our product page